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Company Profile Tel:0086-576-86330886; Cell Phone: 0086-13586276000 Tel:0086-576-86330886; Cell Phone: 0086-13586276000

Product Description:

  • Janpan stylishlish air compressor,Ligh wight,easy take,big air delivery,Max pressure can be reach 8Bar .  
  • one "T" shape metal handel for portable      
  • Fit italy Japan automatic pressure switch. 
  • supper designment  suitable for home D.I .Y use
  • supper motor design and aluminium alloy fly wheels make sure low noise
  • We can produce motor 100V-240,50-60Hz to meet different countries electricity 
  • one metal air gauge ,1x1/4'' air release cock ,200# steel cylinder, world famous brand pistons ,
  • ce approved safty valve and pressure switch

Model V/HZ Input Power Tank      Air delivery   Max Pressure    Packing Size  
SA1010EU 220-240/50 750W/1.0HP 10.0Lt 126L/min 8Bar/115Psi 0.046m3
100-120/60 750W/1.0HP 10.0Lt 152L/min 8Bar/115Psi 0.046m3


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