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Product Description:

  • This air compressor is Gasoline Engine Compressor which can be used in outdoor project.Used in the lack electricity zones
  • 5.5HP high power top quality engines   
  • Italy twin pump alumiminium head
  • Two 8" air inflating wheels
  • one-two-three easy starting
  • Portable designment for outdoor taken
  • We can produce motor 2.5HP-10HP gasoine with or without electro starting
  • ce standard capacity of tank with birth plate
  • each tank with one metal birth plate
  • 2x8'' rubber wheels ,1x8''' air inflating wheels

Model v/hz lt L/min Mpa/Psi hp/kw R.M.P kg M3
Gas2065 100-240/50-60 100 335 0.8/115 5.5/4.0 3600 75 0.35


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